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Traditional monolithic architecture often results in slow and cumbersome processes, but microservices architecture offers a more agile and efficient solution. Being the best Microservices development company , we have extensive experience implementing agile and DevOps approaches for enterprises using different technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. Contact us today to embrace the power of microservices applications.

Microservices Development

Microservices is a popular service-oriented architecture (SOA) where individual components are built and deployed independently. We are experts in microservices development services including web service, building software design and building microservices architectures, as well as providing ongoing support and maintenance. We’d be happy to discuss project-specific needs and business requirements.
Microservices Assessment
We help you create a strategic roadmap with the design and implementation of your microservices architectures.
Microservices Migration
We migrate existing monolithic applications to a microservices architecture. This improves the quality speed and efficiency of microservices development process.
Microservices Consulting
Our microservices developers help businesses to choose the best strategy and create elegant architecture along with hasten microservices enablement.
Microservices Integration
Our team of skilled developers excel in creating and managing microservices by continuous integrations of web service API that scale the legacy apps and application databases.
Microservices DevOps
We use Microservices and DevOps to enhance and empower operational efficiency allowing small teams to work together and create advanced solutions.
Microservices Testing
Our testing professionals will evaluate applications to verify the workflow along with automated testing, API testing, routine regression and security testing.
Benefits Of Microservices
Microservices are organized around the business capabilities, business logic and are owned by agile and DevOps teams to achieve massive scale. The microservice architecture not only allows rapid development but also reliable deployment of large and complex applications, especially of enterprise nature.

Simpler to Deploy

Microservices framework helps to deploy applications independently without disrupting other services in the architecture.

Optimized Cost

Adopting microservices saves time and money on application maintenance, so it is worth the effort and investment.

Reusable Across Business

Microservice applications can be used across all of a website’s different areas that accept payments or require logging in.
Benefits Of Microservices

Faster Defect Isolation

When a test fails or a service goes down, developers can quickly isolate the issue with microservice architecture.

Improved Data Security

Microservices enables businesses to take a more granular approach for enhancing better data security and compliance.

Reduced Time-To-Market

Microservices enables businesses to take a more granular approach for enhancing better data consistency and security.

Technologies Used For Microservices Architecture Development

The NineHertz, a renowned Microservices application development company, is adept in leveraging the advantage of frameworks, different programming languages, and technologies to build reliable and domain driven app designs.
Microservice architectures have become increasingly popular in today’s digital landscape. In order to effectively deploy and manage these designer systems, developers use continuous integration tools, like Jenkins and continuous deployment tools such as Kubernetes, Docker which make deploy services successful.
Service Fabric
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure API Management
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
build microservices
Monolithic to Microservices Migration
Migrating from a monolithic to microservices means you are moving to an area of distributed systems that allows you to accelerate business processes, optimize resources, and strengthen collaboration. With the help of microservices, you can build, deploy, update, test, and scale each service independently, streamlining the management of mobile apps. The key process to migrate from a monolithic system to a microservices-based system:

In-depth Technology Knowledge

We have experts to comprehend your requirements and select the right technology for your project.

Business First Approach

We always analyze your business goals & capabilities to suggest best ways and bring real potential to your business.

Simplify Complex Codes

Our developers can simplify complex code by dividing a monolithic application into different parts or a set of services.

Scalable Agile Team

Our Microservices developers have the skills to scale your business by offering services without disrupting the system.

Our Successful Microservices Projects
The NineHertz is one of the top offshore Microservices development companies and has a proven track record of working with multiple companies to provide perfectly executed solutions by analyzing and researching the needs of our clients.
Online Shopping Platform
Case Studies
Online B2B Platform
Case Studies
Online Food Delivery Solution
Case Studies

Engagement model to Hire Microservices Developers

Hiring a Microservices development team lets you turn your business vision into reality. We have 3 different types of engagement models keeping your flexibility, convenience, and budget in mind.

Dedicated Team

If your Microservices project is huge, then hire talented developers in this fully committed team model as it caters to your custom app requirements. It’s often known as a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract.

Fixed-Price Agile

If your project has a restricted budget and requires flexibility to accommodate any changing requirements in the future, then select a Fixed-Price Agile model to meet all your needs.

Time & Material

A time model can be used to accommodate your Microservices project if it is undefined and requires ongoing work.It is also known as a pay-as-you-go hour wise rolling contract.
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Our Global Industry Leaders

The NineHertz is consistently pushing the bar upward in terms of technological innovation and pioneering problem-solving. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, investing heavily in microservices development, quality assurance and extensive research and development. We are proud that we are associated with global leaders no matter what challenges we come up against in the future.

Start Your Microservices Project With Skilled Engineers

Hire an effective agile team to adopt microservices for powerful digital solutions with a strategic vision. Right from product-fit market analysis, to assessing risk factors, and monitoring post-deployment performance, we deliver them all.
Frequently Asked Questions
We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.
Why Should I Choose The NineHertz for Microservices Development Services?
Being a reputable Microservices development company, we have a highly qualified team of experts who have successfully delivered quality microservices architecture solutions to enterprises worldwide. Here are the main reasons for selecting The NineHertz:
How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Microservices Application?
Microservices development typically costs $23,000 in development time. Although calculating cost can entirely depend on the type of project, requirements, use of a number of expert teams, and other variables. Importantly, The NineHertz offers the best quality microservices software development at a very decent cost.
Do you Sign an NDA for my Microservices App Development?
Yes,as a renowned Microservices software development company we firmly believe that protecting the database of clients is our utmost priority and that is why we sign an NDA.

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Why Should I Choose The NineHertz for Microservices Development Services?

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