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Security breach has a wide-spread impact that affects companies and their customers both. No wonder data security and application security is the primary area of concern for any enterprise. Security testing is the process of examining software’s resistance to attacks, analyzing the vulnerabilities of the system, and ensuring that the data is guarded against various kinds of threats.
Cyber Security is a chief area of concern for businesses and individuals alike. Safeguarding data on devices where we keep all our confidential data, passwords, banks details etc takes the highest priority.
When we talk about security, penetration testing plays a vital role. But what is penetration testing? Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is the method of testing a network, computer system, or web application to detect security vulnerabilities that a cyber intruder could exploit.
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Algoworks’ Penetration Testing Services

Algoworks strives to safeguard customers’ data and resources by providing penetration testing services in the following areas:
Security Testing Services
Vulnerability and penetration testing services

These are two types of tests that are often consolidated to achieve an entire vulnerability analysis. Each test possesses a different kind of strength.

Web Application Penetration Testing

It is the process of making use of penetration testing techniques on a web app to identify its vulnerabilities. It requires conducting evaluations at network-level and application-level.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

It is vital for any leading application penetration testing company to analyze a mobile application ’s security in a mobile friendly environment. It focuses on file system security, client-side safety, network security and hardware security.

Benefits of Security Testing

What are you losing on if you do not avail security testing services?
Application Security Testing Services
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Website App Penetration Testing
Runs Thorough Evaluation
Offers Timely Heads-up
Unveils Possible Vulnerabilities
It evaluates the security of the application infrastructure and moves further to covering the database, network, and application exposure layers.
Data security measures allow businesses to steer clear of the pitfalls occurring due to unexpected exposures of sensitive data.
The whole process examines the current vulnerabilities of application configurations, system, or network infrastructure.

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