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About Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is a free, open-source, automated testing framework that helps in validating web applications across various different platforms and browsers. Multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc., can be used to create Selenium Test Scripts.
Selenium is not just a single tool, but a set of software where each piece caters to a different testing requirement of an organization. Selenium consists of the tools like Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Selenium Remote Control (RC), WebDriver, and Selenium Grid
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Algoworks’ Selenium Testing Services

Algoworks houses a team of experienced Selenium automation testing experts that offers excellent Selenium testing services.
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Continuous integration

Our team provides Selenium testing services that can easily be integrated with various open-source tools.

Customized reporting

Our team offers customized test reports in HTML with a detailed view that helps in enhancing product efficiency.

Great framework development

Our team of Selenium experts develops ideal frameworks for the testing processes.

Benefits of Selenium Automation Testing

Why should you opt for Selenium automation testing services?
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Multi-browser Support
Being open-source, it is one of the most dependable automation tools aa it is easy for developing test scripts.
Selenium helps in creating test scripts and execute them in multiple browsers without the need to rewrite the scripts for every browser.
There is a wide variety of frameworks that support Selenium when compared to other test automation tools in the same class.
Application Security Testing Services
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Multiple OS Support
Tests Across Devices
Easy Implementation
Selenium can operate and support across multiple Operating Systems (OS) like Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX.
Selenium can be implemented for mobile web app automation on Android and iPhone, and address issues on a continuous basis.
Selenium offers a user-friendly interface that helps in creating and executing tests easily and effectively.

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