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About Test Automation

Automated Testing tools are able to work on pre-recorded and predefined actions, compare the results to the expected behavior, and create detailed reports of success or failure based on comparison. Automated Testing increases the speed of execution, especially for test cases that are repetitive. Automated Testing is a backbone of any agile testing development cycle.
test automation services

What Do We Do?

Taking The Developer Centric Testing Approach
Test Job Development

Test Job Development
Develop automated jobs for every project unit or creating complex multi-step job workflow for integrated applications.

User Action Testing

User Action Testing
Create automated test jobs to ensure that pre-defined user-action standards are maintained throughout the application.

Automation Environment
Automation Environment

Design , develop, and implement complete automation testing environment to test schedule and run automate jobs and collect test data.

Test Data Analysis

Test Data Analysis
Collect, manage, and analyze test data to find areas of improvement and possible bugs in the Application.

Our Service Features

We are experts in everything related to automation and testing
Expertly designed job testing Workflow.
Reusable test jobs.
API development and testing.
Testing data collection and management.

How Can we Help you?

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Algoworks Advantage

Algoworks has a dynamic team of people with more than a decade of experience in Automation Testing. We help organizations in building critical business applications in a fast and agile manner.
DevOps Improves Enterprise Agility

Strategically designed Test Process Consulting.

Reduce Efforts and Costs with DevOps
Complete focus on Business and Technology based Testing.
DevOps Improves Stability

Clear Test Plans and Test Cases are well-defined.

Team of QA for governing the quality deliverables.
Consistent and reliable test coverage across the board.

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